Therapeutic Massage

At Your Microspa, we will work together to find the best technique to meet your needs. Deep rooted chronic conditions can be improved; there are no quick fixes but we can begin to see results toward your goal within one to three sessions. For most optimal results treatments scheduled closer together then spaced out as you improve tend to provide the best results.

Custom Massage

I will draw from my knowledge of a variety of massage techniques; incorporating essential oils moist heat, the highest quality lotions and oils, and any other modalities that are appropriate for you.

Get Started

Step 1: Choose your massage

Step 2: Create your own happy place by adding your favorite micro-treatments. Soften your feet with an exfoliating foot peel, add a Warm Scalp Massage, pamper your feet with a Mini Reflexology treatment, get a little extra attention for your lips & eyes or enhance your whole relaxation experience with CBD massage oil.

60 Min. Therapeutic Massage: $110
Bundle & save: 3 sessions for $315

90 Min. Therapeutic Massage: $155
Or get 3 sessions for only $442 …future you will be so happy!

90 Min. Stone Therapy Massage: $175
Book 3 sessions for only $499

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*Packages of 3 expire six months from date of purchase. Contact us for information on additional package options.

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First time clients enjoy a complimentary consultation.
We’ll customize your session based on your individual needs.

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Massage Addon Treatments

When your body & skin needs a time out and you have little time to spare; these targeted treatments are designed to enhance your experience and your results.

We all hold stress in different ways, so why should every person relax the same way?

Build your perfect spa experience by choosing the treatments that best suit you. These treatments are also great for Microspa newcomers, including men and teens.

Mini Reflexology:

A mini-version of our full 60 minute foot reflexology treatment. A great introduction to the benefits of Reflexology.

Price: Add to any massage $35

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Warm Oil Scalp Massage:

Warm oil infused with essential oils is massaged into your scalp. This treatment balances the scalp and relieves dry scalp/hair conditions, improves the texture of hair, and leaves hair shiny and bouncy. This treatment provides you with deep relaxation and conditioned hair.

Price: Add to any massage $20

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CBD Massage:

CBD massage oil is a  potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant with pain-relieving properties. Healing sensations of the massage are only amplified when the cannabinoid oils penetrate the skin and reach the areas that are causing pain.

Price: Add to any massage $20

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Exfoliating Foot Peel:

Smooth, Soft Feet with Just One Treatment!

The gentle yet effective formula repairs dry, cracked, and calloused skin in just one treatment. It peels away dead skin and leaves behind soft and moisturized feet. Made with a nourishing blend of fruit acid, chamomile flower, orange peel oil, and seaweed, this foot exfoliation peeling mask will transform your feet – naturally. The fruit acid gently exfoliates your feet and removes dead skin, while the botanical extracts help soothe and moisturize.

The foot exfoliator will gently and naturally peel away dead skin within 3-7 days after application. This foot peel offers gorgeous results that will last up to 90 days

Price: Add to any massage $30

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So many options to be good to yourself,
look your best and feel great!

Deluxe Combo Spa Day Packages
Best therapeutic massage for stress relief, Longmont_800

CBD Massage & Mini Reflexology

Experience the maximum benefits of the CBD treatment with a 90-minute CBD Massage AND Mini Reflexology Treatment.

CBD Combo Treatment: $210

massage & facial-package,-Longmont

Face & Feet

Enjoy a classic European Facial with a warm oil scalp massage & foot peel AND THEN add a  reflexology treatment…heaven

A retreat for your face & feet: $260



This package is perfect to find your way back to feeling grounded. It includes a stone massage, mini reflexology, PLUS warm oil scalp massage.

Feel Rejuvenated: $230

Best facial, Longmont

Relax & Get Grounded

Enjoy a one hour massage with a foot peel followed by a FULL reflexology treatment…you’ll be walking on air!

Get relaxed & feel grounded: $225

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